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Victor Turntable Felt Precut 7" Dark Green (502DGN)

"Reproduction Part"


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Victor Turntable Felt Precut 7" Dark Green for:

VIC-A, B, C, Toy


This product works on other manufacturers machines as well. Measure the diameter of your turntable. Any turntable measuring 6 7/8" with a traditional 1/4" spindle will be suitable for installation.


Diameter - 7" (Actual Diameter 6 7/8")
Thickness - 1/16"
Diameter Center Hole - 5/16"
Color Preference - Dark Green

Installation Instructions:

The Phonograph Shop uses White "Elmers" Glue for installation. Spray adhesive is also a good choice. If using spray adhesive, you may want to tape the edge of the turntable to protect the plated finish and avoid clean up later.

  1. Remove Old Felt - Using a wire brush or other tool scrape off the old felt. Take care to avoid the plated sides of the turntable. Another option is to soak the turntable in warm water.
  2. Clean The Turntable - Using '0000' steel wool or light cleaning pad remove all of the remaining glue, rust and grime. Goof-off is a good cleaner for the glue, but soap works well. This is your opportunity to really make your turntable shine!
  3. Dry Thoroughly
  4. Apply Glue: Using a paper towel, spread an even, thin layer of glue across the entire surface of the turntable. It does not require much. Just enough to do the job. Take precautions on the edge, as to not allow it to run down the side.
  5. Place the Felt: Using a pencil or ink pen as a guide in the center hole, align the felt on the turntable, adjust as needed.
  6. Clean Up - If required use a damp paper towel to remove any overflow along the edge.
  7. Let Dry - Once satisfied with placement and clean up, flip the turn table over (felt side down) and place on a clean, flat surface for 15 - 30 minutes or according to your glue's curing time.