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Edison Diamond Disc Record The Star Spangled Banner / America (80172)


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Edison Diamond Disc Record

Thomas Edison introduced the Diamond Disc record in 1912 as means to compete with the success of 78 RPM records (laterally recorded). These records require an Edison Diamond Disc machine or an adapter to play vertically recorded records.

  • Title / Performer:
    • Track A - Ameriaca (My Country 'tis of Thee) / Mixed Quartet (Metropolitain Quartet)
    • Track B - The Star-Spangled Banner / Baritone and Chorus (Thomas Chalmers)
  • Date Recorded - 04 or 05/1914
  • Take - C
  • Label Style - Etched
  • Condition - OW
  • Playback Speed - 80 RPMs
  • Recording Method - Vertical

Condition Notes:

The Phonograph Shop only sells quality, playable records, for this reason we do not use standard grading models. We do not sell records with thousands of scratches, needle drops, chips, cracks or that have turned grey from excessive play, with the exception of Ah, Man! (see grading chart below).  We also reuse pictures for efficiency when listing duplicate items, so you may not receive the one pictured, but it will be of the same grade. Please keep in mind that record grading is somewhat subjective and requires experience. All record grading decisions are at the discretion of The Phonograph Shop. We will not debate nuances in personal opinions or other grading systems. If you are a serious collector and feel our grading may be at odds with yours, please reach out before ordering. The following describes our grading.

Grading Scale:

  • Holy Grail (HG): Extremely rare, but records that are cosmetically perfect.
  • Oh, Wow (OW): Record is in a condition that anyone should love to add it to their collection.  
  • Desirable (DE): These records retain most of their original glossy appearance but may contain a few light scratches.
  • Daily Player (DP): These records are very playable but may contain more than a few light scratches.
  • Ah, Man! (AM): These records are not good playing records. The only time we will offer this grade of record is if it is historically important or considered extremally rare. Example: Blind Lemon Jefferson with grooves so worn it is unrecognizable when played.


  • Records will be shipped in a 12" x 12" x 4" box
  • Layered between cardboard protectors
  • Surrounded by peanuts or wadded paper.
  • Media mail (unless you order non record items