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Edison Home Model A Cover [Lid] Green Oak - Excellent "Certified Original"

"Certified Original Part"


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These are original (used) parts and probably contain characteristics as such. Expect scratches, dullness, dents, dings, anything becoming a part over 100 years old. We make every effort to ensure they are functioning as expected and professionally clean for a no hassle installation.

Cover [Lid] for:

This is The Phonograph Shop's 'Excellent' line. While evaluating these we consider the veneer and molding only. These are free of veneer issues. There may be minor defects but should not detract from their beauty. These items are ready to use as is or can be refinished by the buyer in order to better match the intended machine. The Phonograph Shop makes no attempts to improve the appearance of the finish or correct any blemishes. You should assume some level of restoration is required.

The item pictured was cleaned and oiled by The Phonograph Shop and is intended to illustrate potential. See Cabinet Cleaning Instructions.

Evaluating antiques is largely subjective. Grading is decided by The Phonograph Shop only. If you have specific requirements, we encourage you to reach out before you order. Time, conditions, and care cause colors to vary greatly. The Phonograph Shop generalizes colors into three categories: Light Brown, Dark Brown and Green. We do not guarantee an exact match.

Standard Model A (Excluding Suitcase)


Length - ~17 1/4"
Width - ~8"
Height - 5 1/4"
Finish - Green
Material - Oak
Condition - Excellent