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Edison Standard A/B Swinging Arm (1506BJ) "Certified Original"


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Swinging Arm for:

These are original (used) parts and probably contain characteristics as such. Expect scratches, dullness, dents, dings, anything becoming a part over 100 years old. We make every effort to ensure they are functioning as expected and professionally clean and polish for a no hassle installation.

Good Japanning on these.

  • Standard Model A
    • Excluding Suitcase
    • Models with 1 1/8" tall Locking Spring Strike 
  • Standard Model B


Length - 3 13/16"
Width - 11/16"
Height - ~1 1/8"
Diameter of Swinging Arm Center Hole - 5/16"
Diameter of Swinging Arm Stud Hole - 1/4"
Threads of Swinging Arm Stop Screw Hole 5-40
Threads of Locking Spring Knob Hole - 5-40
Threads of Swinging Arm Center Set Screw Hole - 5-40
Material - Black Japanned Cast Iron