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Instructions for the Victrola VV-X Type J (PDF Version)

"Reproduction Part"


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Instructions for the Victrola VV-XI Type G (PDF Version)

Number of Pages: 19

This is a professional scan of the complete, original document.  The scan has been cleansed of all blemishes.

The Phonograph Shop uses a museum quality book scanner to create our Archives. We take pride in offering the best quality digital files available. We also edit the files to remove any stained, ripped or damaged areas.

Our hope is to eventually create a repository of all phonographs, talking machines, and related material. We charge a nominal fee to cover the costs of storage (size and complexity of the file), equipment and acquiring new content for the archives. Our time is donated to the development of the Archives.

We gladly accept donations of loaned materials.  This material will be added to the archive and the originals returned to their owners. Please contact us if you are interested in helping.

You will be sent a link to download the searchable PDF file once you complete your order. If you experience any issues, please to not hesitate to contact The Phonograph Shop directly,

Note: We have added The Phonograph Shop Archive logo to the file.