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Columbia B Main Spring 1/2 x 0.02 x 8 Pear/Pear "Certified Original"


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"Original" Main Spring for:

The term 'Original' simply indicates these were not made by The Phonograph Shop. These are previously used main springs, taken from discarded machines. In most cases the approximate age cannot be determined. They have been cleaned, inspected for damage and recoiled for proper installation. These are sold as is with no warranty implied or given.

Aartone Featherweight
Baby Grand
Carryola Cub
Columbia B 'Eagle'
Columbia Cylinder
Foreign and toy motors
Small Toy Motors


Width - 1/2 (.5)
Thickness - 0.02
Length - 8
Outer Connection - Pear (Small)
Inner Connection - Pear (Small)
Diameter of Arbor - 3/8"