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Victor Victrola No 4A Reproducer Body - Pot Metal (17548PT) "Certified Original"


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Reproducer Body for:

These are original (used) parts and probably contain characteristics as such. Expect scratches, dullness, dents, dings, anything becoming a part over 100 years old.

These parts are made of 'Pot' Metal. This material does not hold up well over the last hundred years. The ones we offer should be considered acceptable. Expect paint loss, chipping and some warping. We make every effort to identify these as functioning as expected. If you have concerns, please reach out before you order. These are sold without warranty.

Sound Box No. 4N
Sound Box No. 4G
Sound Box No. 4AN
Sound Box No. 4AG


Diameter - 2 21/32"
Diameter of Face - 2 15/64"
ID - 5/8"
Diameter of Screw Holes - 5/64"
Diameter of Isolator Hole - 1 1/32"
Diameter of Set Screw Hole - ~7/64"
Material - Painted Pot Metal